The sky really is the limit when it comes to mural painting ideas. Most people just need a springboard to get them thinking since the possibilities are so vast. My name is Michael Cooper and I have been painting murals for about 20 years! I know, way too long! But I know a thing or two about it and I've seen just about everything you can imagine! My specialty is large-scale murals with a focus on trompe l'oeil and one point perspective. With that said, I would like to offer you a sample of what I've seen and done over my career. You have to promise me one thing as you read. You ready? If you can imagine it, I can more than likely create it. Now, think big and peruse my list of mural painting ideas and let me know when you are ready to turn that hum-drum playroom, bedroom, foyer or kitchen into something that transcends space, depth and time! Kids' Mural Painting Ideas I have to admit that the popularity of this is beyond my wildest imagination. It's definitely not child's play! This is big business! Interior designers, retailers, artists, even parents and grandparents are finding a lot of freedom of expression in creating the perfect mural for a child's room. It's my opinion that anything goes in a child's room as it relates to color. It doesn't have to flow with the rest of the colors in your home so just allow your imagination to run wild. And remember, most children view their rooms as their "fort" or "princess castle" so don't be too serious. This is their space -- where they get to be creative and . . . they get to be kids! Here's a few of the most common ones I see and get asked about for both nurseries and children's rooms: Nursery Ideas: Sky Design Cartoon characters Nursery rhyme characters Bible Inspiration - Noah and the Ark, Joseph tending sheep, Jonah and the Whale Children's Room Ideas: Glow-in-the-dark Mural Monkey Murals Safari Theme Forest Pattern complete with trees, animals and birds Jungle theme Neighborhood theme complete with dog, fire hydrants, a house with a sidewalk, maybe a park with a swing set, a pond where you can play with magnetic fish, magnetic street signs . . . you get the idea. Adult Mural Painting Ideas Okay . . . this section is for all you big kids. This is based on hobbies, interests and the most common requests I get! Here's my top 25 list! Beach Scene Murals Break Away Wall Murals City Murals (New York, Chicago, San Francisco) Custom Chopper Murals Exotic Animal Murals Hand Painted Tile Murals Tuscany Harley Davidson painted murals Hollywood Caricature Mural Italian Renaissance Murals Jamaican Mural Laundry Murals Mountain Murals Mystical Forest Mural with Wolves Ocean window (using Trompe L'oeil technique . . . fool the eye) Outer Space Murals Paris Wall Mural Sports Teams Murals Teton Wall Mural Train Murals Under the Sea Murals Wall Murals of Coffee Beans Wall Murals of Graffiti Western Horse Murals Whimsical Murals Wildlife Outdoor Wall Mural Again, these are just ideas to get you going. The world is your oyster and murals are one of the best ways create visual effects in your home or office that can create or evoke a certain feeling or mood. Murals can be massive or smaller in scope, just depends on your space limitations, desire, imagination, ability and/or budget. Wall murals not only transform your walls, but your mind and imagination. It's time for us to pause this conversation and for you to pick your favorite chair or place so you can sit and just be with your thoughts. What do you like? What feeling or mood would you like to create in that room that's got you thinking about murals? Just remember . . . the sky's the limit and you are only bound by your creativity!!! And don't fret if you can't come up with something! That's one of the things that I feel I'm pretty good at: coming up with ideas that suit or fit the client. I'm a pretty good talker, but I think I'm an even better listener! Trust me: when we get together, we will definitely come up with something fun!